CBD Tinctures – What are They?

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With all the buzz around CBD tinctures, the first thing people often wonder is, what is a tincture and is it best for me?  A tincture is an herbal extract that is in liquid form, with some type of carrier to deliver the medicinal properties of the plant extract being used, in this case hemp derived CBD. At Heirloom Selects, we use MCT (medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil as a carrier because it has been shown to deliver the highest amount of CBD most effectively per dose. It allows the body to absorb the plant compounds and phytonutrients better than any other delivery mechanism. 

CBD tinctures are ingested orally and work best when placed under the tongue between 30-60 seconds. When taken this way, your body will immediately begin to absorb the cannabinoids and effects may be felt within minutes. The reason for this is that the medicine easily enters the bloodstream way faster than any other method when compared to edible delivery or topical use. There are no harsh effects through this delivery method as opposed to a vaporizer for instance.

There are several ways herbal tinctures have been made throughout history. Currently many are heat extracted using alcohol as a carrier which does not ensure all of the healing compounds are present in the final product. We use supercritical CO2 as our extraction method. This allows us to extract the most amount of full spectrum CBD, while keeping all the constituents of the plant in its truest and purest form. Our cold extraction, combined with an MCT coconut oil carrier, guarantees the best quality every time, in a product that can be used by almost anyone of any age.  

With CBD tinctures available in varying potencies, it is perfect for an individual trying CBD for their first time, or for someone who has grown familiar with this wonderful and sacred plant. Tinctures are rapidly growing in popularity and becomimg the number one way to administer hemp based cannabinoids. They offer a quick and easy way to utilize CBD. Our dosing is easy to measure because of our metered dropper so you will know exactly how much you ingest every time. Bottle’s are small enough to be carried with you and convenient used if needed to be used in a rush. As with any plant based medicine,  people will use varying doses and strengths. Once you know what your body requires to achieve your desired outcome, there is no better way than getting it done through tinctures!

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