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There may be some confusion on how to read a CBD label. With CBD beginning to break into mainstream acceptance, there may be some questions as to what is in each bottle and what you should be looking for to insure a quality purchase. Today we will break down exactly what is on our CBD label, what it means, and how you benefit.


We source our tinctures from industrial hemp grown using organic standards. Since our oil is full spectrum it contains all the plant’s compounds such as cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes allowing them work together, in a scenario known as “the entourage effect”. We are selling a wholistic, full-spectrum hemp plant product, why not call it that? “CBD” can be misinterpreted to be from marijuana, which although legal in some states is still federally illegal. Our goal is to be transparent so our labeling is as straight forward as possible.


Beneath our logo you will find a number (ie. 2000, 1000) This number is our product version, which also represents the quantity of CBD per in our various strengths. For example, the bottle pictured here has 2,000 mgs in the entire bottle.


On the side of our CBD label you will notice five different emblems. Each certifying a standard everyone of our products meet. We are proud to be 100% Made in the USA. This allows us to guarantee growing practices and extraction processes that will provide quality CDB oil every time.

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Look for certifications on your CBD label, this will tell you about where and how your hemp oil is produced.


Our products are also GMP certified, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. This confirms our products identity, composition, quality, purity and strength is as stated on our CBD label.


Heirlooms Selects is vegan friendly. Our products are made without using any animal byproducts as well as abstaining from any testing on animals in any and all capacities.


We pride ourselves on our transparency, this is why all of our products have undergone third party independent lab testing through ProVerde. Each test breaks down the full spectrum of cannabinoids available in each bottle.


With many people suffering from food allergens, we want to make it clear to you that our oil is gluten free.


The back contains the Supplement facts. This breaks down the amount of our main ingredient, full spectrum hemp extract, in each dose. A full dropper of our 2000 tincture contains 66mg of active cannabinoids from whole plant extraction.

The supplement facts on a CBD label should show you how much cannabinoids are in a single serving size.


Our other ingredients are organic coconut oil and organic hemp seed oil. These are our carrier oils, which increase the bio-availability of the CBD and allow the body to absorb it more efficiently. It’s not uncommon to see coconut oil, MCT oil, or hemp seed oil listed on the label. This can sometimes lead users to believe their product is not a CBD product. But rest assured, these are just the carrier oils that the CBD extract is delivered in.

All Heirloom Selects hemp extract products come with a QR code that takes you right to our independent 3rd party lab testing results.


Below that, you will see a QR code, batch number and expiration date. Once scanned, this code will bring you directly to our test results by ProVerde which is our third party testing lab we mentioned earlier. Each batch number corresponds to every production run, from which samples are taken for testing. As with any supplement once opened it is best used before a certain date.

We hope that after reading this you have a better understanding of what is on a CBD label and what to look for when choosing a product that is right for you.

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